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College Preparation

High School Students Preparing for College

It’s Never Too Soon for College Preparation

Before it’s time to start filling out college applications and buying supplies for your dorm room, you have to do the work that will help you get accepted to your dream college. That preparation can begin as early as your freshman year of high school, when you start building your grade point and your resume of extracurricular activities.

Between SAT scores, band practice, college admissions essays, and college visits, preparing for college can see overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In this section, we’ll give you information and insights you need to get ready for your senior year, when you’ll start sending out your college applications. We’ll give you tips for picking the right classes, staying motivated, acing the college entrance exams, and more. (In other words, we’ll tell you everything we wish someone had told us when we were back in high school.)